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Information Events for Journalists

since 2011


Even seasoned journalists appreciate getting ample professional assistance to better understand the European Union and to be presented with tailor-made opportunities to carry out their work to the best of their ability - making contacts, conducting interviews, and drafting quality stories on the Union’s many aspects. For this, they also need to comprehensively learn about EU policies, procedures, and institutions.

Every year, we organise dozens of thematic study trips, conferences, and briefings for hundreds of reporters in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, and other locations across the world that are relevant to the events' core subjects. Delivering high-quality EU-related information and reporting opportunities, the events are designed from a journalistic perspective, presenting their topics in an impartial and pluralistic manner, rather than merely relaying the official position of European Institutions. The information events for journalists, which prioritise the needs of participating reporters, are informative and challenging, thus enabling honest and compelling coverage.

In times of slashed news budgets and ever-shrinking correspondent networks, this programme provides many journalists with initial field reporting possibilities and connects them with peers from various EU Member States.

The Information Events for Journalists programme is funded by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Communication.

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