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EU Feeds | since 2009


EU Feeds is the biggest RSS aggregator that provides direct RSS news from more than a 1,000 European newspapers, press agencies, and magazines.

EU Feeds is updated every 20 minutes with news articles from the most popular national, regional, and local newspapers in the EU 27 Member States. This trans-national diversity of the aggregated news is one of the platform’s most prominent features, as few other such websites propose a similar service. Additionally, EU Feeds publishes a special page dedicated to news about Europe, collected from pan-European publications.

This source of press articles allows users to get an instantaneous and comprehensive review of the most prevalent issues discussed in each EU Member State, as well as a point of reference for differences in coverage, tone, and outlook surrounding matters of common European concern, as manifested by the media of each country.

Additionally, for each media outlet featured in the aggregator, EU Feeds provides general information, including the year of its foundation, type of circulation, and range of publication.

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