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Zimbabwe: Establishing the Country’s First Independent Financial News Service

since 2011


This project aspires to establish an independent, sustainable news service - The Source - that will cover financial and business issues in Zimbabwe. By creating an accurate and informed flow of news coverage and analysis, we believe the country can boost its own economic development. The primary goal, therefore, is to create a news service that is owned and operated by Zimbabweans, serving national media outlets, financial organisations, and citizens alike. It should also be a trusted source of information for potential foreign investors.

The founding principles and inner structure of The Source news service will safeguard its impartiality and independence; skilled training and mentoring will ensure its competence; and a sound business model will help it become self-financing. The Source will be based initially in the capital Harare, but we hope to open, eventually, a small satellite office in Bulawayo and possibly in other key areas where mining, tobacco, and agribusiness are significant. Language of broadcast will be English.

The EJC and Thomson Reuters Foundation are the prime supervising managers of the project. Together, we provide training resources but also participate in the set-up of the organisation and its technical infrastructure. Our involvement would diminish after The Source's first two years of operations and is expected to cease entirely by the news service’s fourth anniversary.

In the press:

Economy first, succesion later: Chinamasa (

State of economy: Chinamasa bares soul (

Establishing Zimbabwe’s First Independent Financial News Service is part of MFSII - Press Freedom 2.0.

View the project page at Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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