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Emergency Journalism | since 2012


Emergency Journalism is a recent initiative of the EJC, bringing together  news and resources for media professionals reporting in volatile situations. The website helps journalists stay informed and updated on the topics that are related to emergency journalism in the digital age, featuring up-to-date digital technology, like content curation tools and multi-layered live maps, designed to assist in the coverage of emergency situations, such as natural disasters and political conflicts.

Every emergency is different. And yet, regardless of the circumstances, certain tools play a vital role in allowing journalists to gather information quickly, process big data, overcome limited resources, and deal with tight deadlines. In humanitarian crises, accuracy, timeliness and quality content from journalists can ultimately contribute to effective relief and humanitarian response.

The initiative was launched at the 2012 edition of the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam, where the EJC organised a session on 'Maps, the power of the crowd, and big data verification'. Since then, we have established a network of key actors in the field of emergency journalism. We also plan to organise more international sessions in 2013. Information on these events will be published on the website.

PICNIC12: Highlights - The Future of Journalism.

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