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Indonesia: E-Learning for Regional Journalists

since 2013


The Poynter Institute and the EJC have began implementing a multiannual e-learning project for journalism capacity building in Indonesia. Our country team management recently visited Jakarta to draw up methodology, content, and journalistic topical elements for the first pilot, together with local partners, Radio KBR68H and media training centre, the Indonesian Association for Media Development (Perhimpunan Pemgenbangan Media Nusantara) PPMN.

The two-year programme is designed for regional correspondents and stringers who work for KBR68H network of affiliates, spread across the Indonesian archipelago. With such geographical settings, e-learning can prove to be a cost-effective and efficient mechanism for continuing education and training of working journalists, even in some of the country's most remote islands, where broadband penetration is often low or non existent. 

The training approach, mixing distance learning with occasional face-to-face sessions with trainers, will focus on basic journalistic skill building and address ethical issues. The learning process will also require practical work in the form of ongoing local and community-level reporting on topics such as development, ecology, and natural disasters. Individual modules surrounding these themes will provide the core of the courses.

In the press:

Poynter and European Journalism Centre Launch New Training Partnership (The Wall Street Journal)

E-learning for Regional Journalists in Indonesia is part of MFSII-Press Freedom 2.0.

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