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Data Driven Journalism Initiative | since 2010


The EJC is one of the main actors promoting data journalism internationally. Since we’ve started in 2010, our aim has been to enable more media organisations across the world to make better use of data in the newsgathering and the news delivery process.

With this in mind, the EJC has created - the first website dedicated to data journalism. Sitting on its editorial board are leading data journalists from the Guardian, New York Times, NPR, and Deutsche Welle. We’ve also established the first data journalism community, reaching thousands of members, which we maintain via a mailing list, as well as through dedicated Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. The EJC also produced the first data journalism manual - the Data Journalism Handbook* - showcasing contributions from over 70 leading practitioners and advocates of data journalism. Moreover, we’ve coordinated the first edition of the Data Journalism Awards, the first competition to reward outstanding work in this emerging field. Finally, the EJC organised several data journalism workshops, hackdays, and conferences in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Warsaw, London, Vienna, at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, at re:publica in Berlin, and at O’Reilly Media’s Strata conference in London.

Certain projects were carried out in collaboration with other key institutions in the field of data journalism, such as the Open Knowledge Foundation, the University of Amsterdam, Mediacentar Sarajevo, fjum_forum journalismus und medien wien, Deutsche Welle, and the Global Editors Network.

What is there to learn? - Data-Driven Journalism 2010, Amsterdam.

* See also: Ongoing Projects - Data Journalism Handbook

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