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CL!CK ABOUT IT | since 2010


CL!CK ABOUT IT is a series of international photography competitions, initiated in parallel to the TH!NK ABOUT IT blogging competition.CL!CK's objective is to create a mosaic of images from all corners of the world, showcasing how local communities and people strive to survive in an ever-changing society.

CL!CK is not just another online photo contests; we encourage both professional and amateur photographers to demonstrate the power of journalistic storytelling through photography. The selected international jury focuses, therefore, not only on the technical quality of the submitted photographs, but also on the originality and impact the images can have in enabling people throughout the world to understand complex and underrepresented problems.

So far, the CL!CK competition ran four editions, featuring four separate themes:

The last CL!CK round attracted 1,984 applicants, of which 570 made it to the selection process, with a total of 2,041 photos submitted. 

The CL!CK series was financed by the European Commission, the Dutch Ministry of Culture, Education and Science, and Oxfam International. It was implemented in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism in Manila, the Philippines.

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