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ThinkBrigade Multimedia Reporting Platform Launches

17 April 2012 | PRESS RELEASE


The multimedia reporting platform ThinkBrigade, a new initiative by the European Journalism Centre, made its online debut on Friday 13 April 2012.ThinkBrigade, a collaborative project centring on team-based reporting, aims to create a sustainable multimedia reporting platform.ThinkBrigade consists of a team of 35 reporters, with various levels of expertise in both multimedia and on current international issues, who have been brought together to collectively report on various timely topics. 

ThinkBrigade is an independent online magazine, that aims to showcase “best practices” of multimedia reporting through a team-based method encouraging the sharing of ideas and skills. The entire project is based on the concept of “swarm creativity”. With a great diversity of reporters, ThinkBrigade aims to enhance the individual reporter’s creativity, knowledge and skills, and maximise the quality of reporting through collaborative research and active debates on the issues that are uncovered by mainstream media. 

For more information please contact Project Manager, Rina Tsubaki


This web magazine showcases the collective and collaborative journalistic production of an international team, comprising of journalists, bloggers, photographers, and sector experts, striving to bring to the centre of the stage under-covered issues of international importance, while also providing a reflection on best-practices in the news gathering and publication process.