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The sustainable development goals and a new era of development journalism in Africa

5 January 2016 | PROJECT NEWS


“Development journalism in Africa has often been labeled as boring, too positive, and even abstract. It is a world away from the popular journalistic mantra “if it bleeds it leads” according to former BBC Africa journalist Joseph Warungu, whose Nairobi-based organization AfricaonAir spearheads development journalism training in Kenya. Warungu is co-editor of the European Journalism Centre’s (EJC) new publication Reporting Development: A Guide for African Journalists.”

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Kenya: Raising Development Awareness Through the Media
The lack of in-depth, well-researched, and effective reporting on development issues in Kenya is weakening the media’s capacity to have an impact on the country’s political processes. EJC’s Kenya programme seeks to raise awareness to this problem, offering workshops dedicated to developing practical solutions by promoting relevant, powerful, and effective journalistic storytelling.