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The Spanish Translation of The Data Journalism Handbook Is Out!

8 June 2013 | PROJECT NEWS


A year after the release of the English version of The Data Journalism Handbook, we are very pleased to announce that the second  translation, into Spanish, has now been released.

The Data Journalism Handbook is a free, open-source book that aims to help journalists use data to improve journalism. It provides inspiring examples from news organisations across the world and a collection of tips and techniques from leading journalists, professors, software developers, and data analysts for how to get started with data journalism.

Manual_en_español.png Screenshot from the online Spanish edition of The Data Journalism Handbook

The translation was produced by our data team in the Argentinean news agency La Nación. With the summer holiday season in the middle of the translation process, the work took us around five months. We hired an external translator but the data journalism world was new to him, so we held several meetings to polish expressions and adjust vocabulary to a wider Spanish audience. Gaston Roitberg (senior content editor) and Guadalupe López (social media expert and blogs coordinator) helped with the final editing. We worked with Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Notepad ++. I typed myself the code required, comparing the English version hosted in GitHub with the chapters in Spanish edited in Notepad ++. For the online publishing work in ASCII and Python we received invaluable help from Manuel Aristaran, Knight Mozilla Open News Fellow in our newsroom, to whom we are greatly indebted.

We also translated two illustrations: “The Data Journalism Handbook At A Glance” and the Guardian Datablog workflow - the Datablog’s editor, Simon Rogers, provided us with the original Illustrator file and we worked over it.


The Data Journalism Handbook at a Glance - Screenshot from the online Spanish edition



DataBlogWorkflow_Esp.png The Guardian Datablog Workflow - Screenshot from the online Spanish edition

We believe the handbook is a great resource for the Spanish-speaking community interested in this emerging field. I myself read the entire book many, many times and every time I read it, I discover something new! The diversity of authors sharing their best stories and practices is a permanent inspiration for our work in Argentina. I often find myself saying during our brainstormings, “I think I read something similar in the handbook, let me check!”

Both the original English version and the Spanish translation are freely available online under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, which means that they can be freely downloaded, shared and built upon. The Spanish version of The Data Journalism Handbook can be found at the Interactives section of the La Nación website and there will be a permanent banner in our main data section linking to it. The English version can be found at

Three other translations, into Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese, are in progress and will be published later this year. The book has already been translated into Russian.


Data Driven Journalism Initiative
Believing journalism also involves innovation, the EJC strives to promote Data Driven Journalism and focalise media and audience attention on this developing trend. With this in mind, we’ve created the first dedicated data journalism website, established a community of practitioners, organised workshops, and participated in the publication of the “Data Journalism Handbook".

Data Journalism Handbook
The Data Journalism Handbook is a collection of tips, techniques, case studies, and tutorials from leading data journalism experts. Translated into Russian, with six more translations underway, the 'bible of data journalism' has become an essential component of the journalistic toolkit and a reference for many news rooms across the world.