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The Source – Independent financial and business news service launched in Zimbabwe

29 October 2013 | PRESS RELEASE


Press Release

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29 October 2013

The Source, a new website launched today in Harare, will provide citizens, media organisations, and potential investors in Zimbabwe with greater access to trusted, real-time financial and business news and analysis.

The Source is run entirely by a team of Zimbabwean journalists and aims to illustrate coherently the country’s fast-changing economic environment. The site will serve as a trusted source of information for investors both in and outside of Zimbabwe. With an initial target of 100 original stories per month, The Source will cover a wide range of asset classes, including equities, bonds and currencies.  News coverage will be supported by editorials and analytical pieces, seven days a week.

“The Source is a groundbreaking initiative which takes the pulse of the nation’s economy. Through a network of financial journalists across Zimbabwe, we are now able to provide what has been lacking so far: high quality coverage of the mining, agricultural and tourism industries,” said Nelson Banya, Editor of The Source.

Supported by the European Journalism Centre and the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the website’s mission is to fill the information void widely felt across the growing business community in Zimbabwe.

“Investors need access to reliable financial news to make informed decisions. Until now, such crucial information has been lacking. By fulfilling the needs of the business community, The Source will play a role in expanding the country’s economy, which is a crucial component of Zimbabwe’s overall sustainable development path,” said Wilfried Rütten, Director of the European Journalism Centre.

Guided by the Reuters principles of editorial integrity, all journalists working for The Source will abide to a strong code of conduct based on impartiality, freedom from bias, independence and accuracy.

“The founding principles and structure of The Source safeguard its impartiality and independence,” said Jo Weir, Director of the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s media and journalism training programme. “As part of our commitment to The Source, we will also provide regular skills training and mentoring for all staff journalists and stringers.”

The Source is live and accessible at

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