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‘The Source’ featured in latest CIMA report

4 September 2014 | PROJECT NEWS


Amid censorship, arrests of journalists and a steady flow of government propaganda, one news outlet in Zimbabwe is boldly getting on with business, writes Don Podesta in a report for the Center for International Media Assistance. That outlet is The Source - Business and Finance News for Zimbabwe.

“We are not an underground service,” says Nelson Banya, a former Reuters correspondent who is now the top editor. “We are registered. We comply with the law… Our strength is that economic news is kind of viewed as less threatening.”

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The Source officially launched in partnership with EJC and the Thomson Reuters Foundation in October 2013 and is an independent news service owned and operated by Zimbabweans. By creating an accurate and informed flow of financial and business news coverage and analysis, The Source aspires to be part of Zimbabwe’s economic development story, serving national media outlets, financial organisations, potential foreign investors and citizens alike.

Zimbabwe: Establishing the Country’s First Independent Financial News Service
Believing Zimbabwe can boost its own economic development by increasing awareness and improving citizens’ general knowledge of financial matters, we have sought, together with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, to establish the country’s first source of accurate, sustainable, and independent financial and economic news, owned and operated by Zimbabweans.