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The EJC Kicks off Two Weeks of Journalism Training and Press Freedom Events Across Bolivia

31 October 2012 | PROJECT NEWS


The EJC recently kicked off two weeks of non-stop journalism training and press freedom events across Bolivia this week in cooperation with its local partner Fundacion para el Periodismo.

Featured is the highly promoted panel discussion, which took place 30 October in the capital La Paz: “The future of journalism and the role of media in the digital era”. The panelists include journalist and former Bolivian president Carlos Mesa, Bolivian journalist Juan Carlos Salazar, Miguel Winazki director of the Clarin Journalism School Buenos Aires, and Pulitzer prize winning American journalist Josh Friedman.

Other EJC events focus on the training of the future trainers of  Fundacion para el Periodismo led by veteran Reuters reporter and EJC expert Oliver Wates in the city of Cochabamba.  

Wates also ran a practical general reporting training in Cochabamba for 30 young Bolivian journalists on 29-30 October.

Events end next week with two Wates-led topical journalism courses—the first in La Paz focuses on reporting and on development issues. The final event will take place at 3700m elevation in the traditional mining town of Oruro, with its focus on commodities reporting, a mainstay of the Bolivian economy. 


Bolivia: Press Freedom, Journalism Training, and Media Literacy
The EJC is engaged in three different media projects, each of them aiming to bring change to Bolivia’s media environment. Focusing on press freedom, mainly through the protection of journalists’ rights and media ethics, journalism training, and media literacy, the projects are designed to answer the needs and expectations of both media professionals and civil society activists in the country.

MFSII - Press Freedom 2.0
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