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Press Freedom 2.0 Moves Forward

12 April 2010 | PROJECT NEWS


The Dutch Ministry of Development Co-operation has encouraged Press Freedom 2.0, a collaboration of five organisations including the EJC, to persist with its plan to strengthen press freedom worldwide.

The Press Freedom 2.0 project will address challenges to media and journalism in a development context. The project will focus on 13 developing countries over five years as part of the wider goals of the Dutch foreign ministry in reducing global poverty. 

An initial version of the plan has qualified for government support as part of Mede Financierings Stelsel 2 (MFS2). The Press Freedom 2.0 team has received a green light to elaborate its plan further. The Ministry will respond to a second submission from Press Freedom 2.0 in October. It will announce the exact amount of funding to be granted at that time. 

This collaboration is an effort of five Dutch development organisations: Free Press Unlimited, European Journalism Centre (EJC), European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), Mensen met een Missie (MM) and World Press Photo. The team last year submitted an innovative plan for strengthening press freedom with a budget of 34 million euro over five years. 

A summary of the proposal is available upon request. 


MFSII - Press Freedom 2.0
A five-year, international media development initiative, Press Freedom 2.0 aims to support democratic development by empowering civil society, citizens, and local media organisations through the implementation of local media projects. Conducted by a Dutch consortium, the Press Freedom initiative offers a range of trainings and activities specifically tailored to the needs of 11 selected countries.