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Join EJC and Top Media Thinkers at PICNIC 2010

11 August 2010 | PRESS RELEASE


On 23 September, world class media thinkers including Jeff Jarvis, Rafat Ali, Mark Glaser and Paul Bradshaw, will join EJC for a day of debates on the future of journalism at PICNIC 2010. Held in Amsterdam every year, PICNIC is a renowned festival-cum-conference that blurs the lines between creativity, science, technology, business and society. Attracting a wide audience, from government leaders and heads of business to scientists and innovators, the aim is to explore new solutions in the spirit of co-creation. 

Covering the successes and failures of recent years in the media industry, as well as the growth of public engagement, EJC’s exclusive one-day PICNIC 2010 programme will focus on the real need to reconstruct journalism and its relationship with the citizen and society. 

The four general concepts of the EJC session include: 

  1. In a time of experimentation and testing, trek with us through the contemporary digital landscape in the context of journalism’s possibilities; 
  2. Explore the dynamics of social media in a networked world, as we analyse the changing relationship between journalists and non-professional contributors to the public sphere; 
  3. Through discussion of sustainable revenue models, join us as we look at ways to monetise (and secure) the future of news; 
  4. Take a closer look at the relationship between privacy and democracy in light of Internet governance. 

Interested in attending? Contact Biba Klomp  for more details, tel. +31 43 325 40 30.

PICNIC Festival
Since 2006, we’ve been organising the media events of the PICNIC Festival. Together with leading actors in the field of media innovation, we’ve been able to showcase to the public new ideas and developments. PICNIC Festival is also an opportunity for us to bring to light promising media initiatives and give them a platform and a chance to meaningfully contribute to the development of journalistic.