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From the Lawn: More Vocabulary Lessons at PICNIC

26 September 2008 | PROJECT NEWS


If there’s one human tendency as common as homophily, it’s limerence. And so the vocabulary lessons continue at the European Bloggers’ Conference.Limerence, as presented by Heike Sperling, is an “involuntary cognitive and emotional state in which a person feels an intense romantic desire for another person.” 

Sperling, a designer and professor from Cologne, Germany, is at the beginning of a journey to study limerence, creating a project in the process. While not sure where it’s going to go, Sperling, 43, is able to say where she’s starting. 

Tenants of limerence: A radical state // Love is called a madness // Limerence conflicts with the idea that human beings are free, rational and therefore responsible creatures. The topic is quite tied to Sperling’s work with linking music and pictures in creative projects. Approximately 85 percent of popular music concerns love and limerence. Commercially, it is a profitable idea. Three areas to be examined:

  • Identity: Limerence as a cognitive question. Are “obsessed” humans a danger to society?
  • Society: Romantic love has been incorporated into the culture of consumer capitalism. How is it used to make profit?
  • Interface: Limerence and music are strongly connected. How so?

Check out Sperling’s personal blog for more information. And feel free to e-mail her to dialogue about the subject.

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