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A New Financial-News Service to be Established in Zimbabwe

17 October 2011 | PRESS RELEASE


The European Journalism Centre and the Thomson Reuters Foundation on 26 September officially launched a five-year Dutch Foreign Ministry funded programme to establish a financial news service in Zimbabwe.

The programme kick-off event, hosted in the capital Harare by the Dutch Ambassador H.M.B. Joziasse, was timed to coincide with an intensive ten day business news reporting training for 30 hopeful future Zimbabwean stringers for the news service, led by veteran Thomson Reuters trainer Nick Kotch. 

“The Source”, registered temporarily as a trust on its way to local incorporation, will be the first financial news service of its kind in the country. It will be dedicated exclusively to providing accurate and informed business news and analysis regularly, and thus will potentially play a pivotal role in the overall future economic development of the country. The news service’s founding principles and structure will safeguard its impartiality and independence. 

Skills training and mentoring to Thomson Reuters standards will ensure its competence and a sound business model will help it become self-financing. The primary goal of the programme is that The Source will be a news service owned and operated by Zimbabweans, serving Zimbabwean media organisations, financial organisations, and their fellow citizens and provide trusted information that will also be of value to potential foreign investors. “Our ambition is to help create an independent, accurate and timely economic news service for Zimbabwe with integrity as its watchword,” said Nick Kotch of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. 

The project is funded through the MFSII Programme of the Dutch Foreign Ministry in the Hague. It is part of a much broader global project entitled Press Freedom 2.0 that includes other Netherlands-based media partners such as World Press Photo, People on a Mission, Free Press Unlimited and European Partnership for Democracy, working in 13 countries on five continents. 

“My hope is that the tools and methods of best practice financial journalism - so important in any developmental context yet often overlooked - can be shared at the global level,” says EJC Zimbabwe country manager Josh LaPorte, “so that other countries struggling with media ethics and professionalism can learn from the Zimbabwean experience”.

Zimbabwe: Establishing the Country’s First Independent Financial News Service
Believing Zimbabwe can boost its own economic development by increasing awareness and improving citizens’ general knowledge of financial matters, we have sought, together with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, to establish the country’s first source of accurate, sustainable, and independent financial and economic news, owned and operated by Zimbabweans.

MFSII - Press Freedom 2.0
A five-year, international media development initiative, Press Freedom 2.0 aims to support democratic development by empowering civil society, citizens, and local media organisations through the implementation of local media projects. Conducted by a Dutch consortium, the Press Freedom initiative offers a range of trainings and activities specifically tailored to the needs of 11 selected countries.