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Georgia: Investigative Journalism Courses on Financial Corruption

16 November 2011 | PROJECT NEWS


Together with local partner the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), EJC implemented two back-to-back five day Financial Corruption Investigative Journalism Courses in November with trainers from the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF). The intensive, practical workshops targeted both Georgian tv and print/online journalists, regional journalists and featured local co-trainers from EJC’s Training the Trainers course earlier in the year. 

A total of 26 journalists received the joint EJC—GIPA—TRF course completion certificate. 

Complete photo albums

- First week training 

- Second week training 

Photo credits: Natia Metreveli, Programme Coordinator, Georgian Institute Of Public Affairs.

Georgia: Finances and Transparency - New Approaches for Georgian Journalism
Addressing a Georgian-specific problem, namely the absence of investigative coverage of economic corruption issues, the project's objective is to promote excellence in journalism by instituting a competition on the national level. Our work in Georgia also involves journalistic capacity building through training, developed in cooperation with local institutions and international organisations.

MFSII - Press Freedom 2.0
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