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10 January 2008 | PRESS RELEASE


The EJC is pleased to offer a hearty portion of European news with the beta version of, a continuously updated news site that serves up 300 direct news feeds, taken from newspapers situated in the 27 European Union countries. 

Few news sites encompass publications from so many countries. And the EJC plans to keep an evolving feast, adding feeds from relevant newsmagazines or television sites. promises to be a useful tool for anyone who wishes to stay up-to-date on European news - or examine the differences in European news judgment or journalistic style on a country-by-country basis. 

This news tool, which gathers news updates as often as every 20 minutes from all major online European newspapers that use RSS (Really Simple Syndication), can be beneficial to anyone who wants to optimize their news consumption. is continuously updated with content spiders digging up and spooling out a regularly updated stream of news. 

This RSS system is now used by the most important newspapers online that have discovered the possibility to attract more audience sending the news through feeds. The phenomenon is, of course, connected to the multiplication, in the last years, of personal webpages. With the RSS system, every person is able to add and to visualize the contained web as he prefers, within his own space online. 

In addition to utilising RSS, Eufeeds catalogues each nation’s newspapers in relation to its relevance. It also furnishes readers with important information: the paper’s coverage area, its address or years of foundation. 

The website is in ‘beta’ for the moment, and the EJC will continue to develop to add features to in the coming weeks and months. All feedback is welcome. Please e-mail

EU Feeds
EU Feeds is the biggest RSS aggregator providing direct RSS news from more than 1,000 European newspapers, press agencies, and magazines. The platform is updated every 20 minutes, providing an overview of the most prominent issues covered by popular national, regional, and local newspapers. A special page is also dedicated to news about European affairs.