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EU4Journalists Now in Croatian and Turkish

4 December 2009 | PRESS RELEASE


The EJC is pleased to announce that the main content of the EU4Journalists website is now also available in Croatian and Turkish. 

Our goal is to help journalists cover the EU, whether they are based in Brussels, candidate countries or elsewhere. We provide essential information about how the EU works, as well as contact details of EU press officers. 

Our dossiers give a solid background on EU policy areas and links throughout the site help users find the latest developments. We try to use as little jargon as possible, making the site especially useful for reporters covering unfamiliar subjects in a hurry. 

EU4Journalists will always be a work in progress. New elements, including changes made under the Lisbon Treaty, are added and old ones removed on a regular basis. Please check the weekly video podcast on the homepage for the latest EU agenda.


EU for Journalists
The official, online EU-explainer laid bare the colossal Brusselian administration and gave journalists access to its key players and institutions. Featuring a primer on EU bureaucracy, a database of contacts, and thematic dossiers on leading EU policies, the platform was made available in 22 official EU languages, as well as in Turkish.