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Empowering Macedonia with Media Literacy

7 October 2009 | PRESS RELEASE


The EJC is helping to produce a media literacy textbook for primary and secondary schools under a project named ‘Improving media literacy in the education in Macedonia’ (aka FYROM). This should help the next generation develop a critical eye for bias, propaganda or censorship in all kinds of media. 

With our Dutch partners, EJC brought Macedonian trainers to the Netherlands for a week-long study tour in late September. The group of 10 trainers from the Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM) and the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis were joined by a teacher from the Gostivar secondary school, as well as the director and head of sector for curricula development at the Bureau for Development of Education. The tour began with a follow up session by Chris van Hall, a trainer from ‘Krant in de Klas’. He summed up the state of play of the textbook, for which work began at the first meeting, in Skopje in June. 

This follow up session allowed participants to review the material, share feedback and draw comparisons with Dutch practices. 

Improving Media Literacy Education in Macedonia
Together with the Macedonian Institute for Media, the EJC carried out a 30-month programme dedicated to raising media literacy among students and improve citizens’ understanding of media’s role in society. An effort that paid off, as the Macedonian Ministry of Education has since then incorporated media literacy in the primary and secondary school curriculum.

MATRA, Societies in Transition
MATRA, a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, constituted an effort to support democratic transition in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe, and strengthen the ties of the target countries with the Netherlands. The EJC participated in five media-related projects, from 1995 and up to the programme's conclusion in 2011.