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EJC Trainees Publish Investigation of Petty Corruption in Armenia

6 February 2009 | PROJECT NEWS


The EJC would like to congratulate the six Armenian journalists who used their internships at the newspaper Golos Armenii to investigate  the many ways petty corruption impacts the daily lives of Armenian citizens. 

The students won an internship with Golos Armenii after participating in an investigative journalism competition held among eight leading Armenian universities. The competition was part of the EJC’s two-year Journalism Practices Enhancement Project, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and done with the support of local partners in Armenia.Their article, in Russian, is available here

Congratulations to:

  • Lia Mirimyan;
  • Anais Mehr-Melikyan;
  • Marianna Yeroyants;
  • Anjela Beglaryan;
  • Julietta Kirakosyan;
  • Andrey Ohanyan.
Enhancing Journalistic Practices in Armenia
Through this project, the EJC sought to improve the Armenian education framework devoted to law and journalism. Its aim - encourage the development of a training programme that emphasises investigative and ethics-based practices, addressing issues such as freedom of speech and freedom of information.

MATRA, Societies in Transition
MATRA, a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, constituted an effort to support democratic transition in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe, and strengthen the ties of the target countries with the Netherlands. The EJC participated in five media-related projects, from 1995 and up to the programme's conclusion in 2011.