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EJC to Host Bloggers at PICNIC

14 August 2007 | PROJECT NEWS


The European Journalism Centre will host a European Bloggers (Un)Conference: “East meets West,” to be held 27-28 September in Amsterdam, in conjunction with PICNIC/Cross Media Week. The conference will allow bloggers from the European Union and its neighbour countries to meet, share ideas and discuss new media developments in their respective countries. 

On Thursday morning Evgeny Morozov of Transitions Online will talk about how the ‘East-West divide’ is reflected in the blogosphere. Later on, Community animator and Project Manager Vanessa Witkowski will present CaféBabel Blogs and the Cafébabel community. Managing Editor Michael Nederlof will then talk about the experience of the community driven news site

The rest of the conference will continue in parallel tracks: 

  • “Citizen Journalism: How and When It works” 
  • “Blogging in Dangerous Places: Security Issues” 
  • “How does blogging affects society and politics, and viceversa” 
  • “Building Successful Web2.0 applications” 

For more information, check out Picnic’s official website.

PICNIC Festival
Since 2006, we’ve been organising the media events of the PICNIC Festival. Together with leading actors in the field of media innovation, we’ve been able to showcase to the public new ideas and developments. PICNIC Festival is also an opportunity for us to bring to light promising media initiatives and give them a platform and a chance to meaningfully contribute to the development of journalistic.