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EJC in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Investigative Journalism and Reporting Corruption in Public Institutions

28 July 2009 | PROJECT NEWS


Corruption, nepotism, and drug abuse were all on the curriculum for nine students attending the EJC’s investigative journalism course, funded by the MATRA programme for social transformation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands. The young journalists and journalism students from Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Mostar have successfully finalized their investigative stories, as part of the educative programme jointly organized by Mediacenter Sarajevo and European Journalism Centre. 

With the assistance of mentors, from March-April 2009, they investigated corruption at universities; false registration of companies; free trade of opiates in local pharmacies; nepotism and necessary political connections for getting jobs in public institutions. 

The programme included three training sessions during which participants learned more about basic journalism techniques (news reporting, writing report, video and audio production, writing for the web, and basics of investigative journalism). Also, in cooperation with Transparency International BH they discovered more about corruption in Bosnia-Herzegovina and methods for reporting it. Workshop with trainers and experienced journalists from Reuters helped them to focus their stories and systematize knowledge on investigative techniques in journalism. 

All participants received certificates for successfully finishing their programmes, provided by Mediacenter and European Journalism Centre. The participants of the first cycle were: Ante Bender, journalism student and journalist of the Radio Herceg Bosna, Mostar; Suzana Kvrgić, journalist of the magazine ‘Women’ Banja Luka; Dino Jahić, journalist of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Sarajevo; Đorđe Vujatović, journalism student and journalist of RTRS-a, Banja Luka; Emina Trhulj, journalism student, Faculty of Political Science, Sarajevo; Melisa Arapović, journalism student, Faculty of political science, Sarajevo; Semir Mujkić, journalist of the START magazine, Sarajevo; Edin Kalender, student of the Law Faculty, Sarajevo; Mariana Šarčević, journalism student and journalist of the news agency SRNA, Banja Luka. 

Trainers were: Nedim Dervišbegović, journalist and editor of the web portal Radio Sarajevo; Aldin Arnautović, journalist and producer, Sarajevo; Elvira Jahić, journalist and the producer, Sarajevo; Suzana Šačić, journalist and editor of the magazine ‘Beaty and Health’, Sarajevo; Goran Todorović, journalist and program manager, Mediacenter Sarajevo. 

Radio Sarajevo, one of the leading web portals in BH, will publish all the stories with info about the students and the programme.

New Approaches for New Journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Striving to strengthen local media’s reporting capacity and to promote investigative journalism as means to address issues of corruption and good governance, the EJC and its local partner, Mediacentar Sarajevo, put in a place a programme that boosted media training for professional journalists and journalism students.

MATRA, Societies in Transition
MATRA, a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, constituted an effort to support democratic transition in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe, and strengthen the ties of the target countries with the Netherlands. The EJC participated in five media-related projects, from 1995 and up to the programme's conclusion in 2011.