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EJC Hosts a MATRA-Funded Training Workshop for Bosnia-Herzegovina Trainers

27 March 2009 | PROJECT NEWS


In February, 2009, EJC helped train seven journalism teachers from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Participants were carefully vetted by Media Centar Sarajevo to be their next generation of media trainers. 

For five days at EJC Maastricht, this “training the trainers” course combined classic exercises with the latest technologies and methodologies. Veteran journalists and in-house trainers Royston Martin and Lisa Essex of the Thomson Reuters Foundation taught the trainees how to:

  1. Identify key learning needs
  2. Deliver training with little supervision or coaching
  3. Avoid common pitfalls in training
  4. Deliver presentations on specialist topics to large and small groups
  5. Develop experts through coaching, knowledge sharing and common documents
  6. Foster appropriate group dynamics and facilitate group and individual learning

The trainees were required to deliver mock training sessions on film. These were later analysed and critiqued by their peers and the trainers. New teaching methods presented focused on distance-learning and the utilisation of new Internet tools and resources such as Moodle to deliver trainings. All participants received well-deserved EJC/Thomson Reuters Foundation certificates at the end of the five days. 

This was the first round of training under a two-year grant awarded to EJC and the Media Centar Sarajevo by the MATRA - Societies in Transition - programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Mediacentar Sarajevo, established in 1995 by the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina, supports the development of independent and professional media in BiH and the region of Southeast Europe through educational programmes, research and consulting. The project, entitled Investigative Reporting and Good Governance: New Approaches for New Journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina, will run to the end of 2010.

New Approaches for New Journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Striving to strengthen local media’s reporting capacity and to promote investigative journalism as means to address issues of corruption and good governance, the EJC and its local partner, Mediacentar Sarajevo, put in a place a programme that boosted media training for professional journalists and journalism students.

MATRA, Societies in Transition
MATRA, a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, constituted an effort to support democratic transition in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe, and strengthen the ties of the target countries with the Netherlands. The EJC participated in five media-related projects, from 1995 and up to the programme's conclusion in 2011.