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EJC and Mediacentar Sarajevo Launch Curriculum Development Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina

25 September 2008 | PRESS RELEASE


The MATRA, Societies in Transition Programme, part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, awarded a two-year grant to the European Journalism Centre to implement the project Investigative Reporting and Good Governance: New Approaches for New Journalism In Bosnia-Herzegovina in cooperation with Mediacentar Sarajevo

This is the first time the MATRA programme has funded long-term programming in the West Balkan country. The project will officially start in Autumn, 2008. The EJC and Mediacentar Sarajavo will work together to upgrade and introduce new journalism curricula to working journalists as well as students. 

An emphasis will be placed on investigative reporting,which will become part of the core group of programming offered by Mediacentar Sarajevo. The overriding, long-term aim is to utilise and strengthen the local media’s oversight function through the production of professional and in-depth reporting on the corruption still prevalent at many levels of Bosnian business and in government institutions. 

Raising awareness of the problem through the media can lead society to pressure for concrete changes. “The European Journalism Centre aims to share Netherlands’ best practice with our project partners, most intensively in those ways that can assist in asserting the media’s watchdog role in society,” says Josh LaPorte, EJC project executive for the programme. “That kind of role the media should be playing can lead to greater transparency and good governance.” 

Programme activities will include the development of five new practical journalism courses, creation of an online education resource for BiH journalists, upgrading and modernising the journalism curriculum at Sarajevo University to include an emphasis on practical work, and the training of BiH trainers utilising cutting-edge media expertise from the Netherlands and bring long-term sustainability to the project. 

Mediacentar Sarajevo, established in 1995 by Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina, supports the development of independent and professional media in BiH and the region of Southeast Europe through educational programs, research and consulting.

New Approaches for New Journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Striving to strengthen local media’s reporting capacity and to promote investigative journalism as means to address issues of corruption and good governance, the EJC and its local partner, Mediacentar Sarajevo, put in a place a programme that boosted media training for professional journalists and journalism students.

MATRA, Societies in Transition
MATRA, a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, constituted an effort to support democratic transition in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe, and strengthen the ties of the target countries with the Netherlands. The EJC participated in five media-related projects, from 1995 and up to the programme's conclusion in 2011.