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Covering the Crisis: the Book Is Out

10 November 2010 | PRESS RELEASE

The European Journalism Centre today summarises its work so far on the role of media in the financial crisis, with the publication today of the book ‘Covering the Crisis’. 

Providing a detailed record of the conference of the same name held in Brussels in November 2009, ‘Covering the Crisis’ is an important archive. The event brought together not only journalists, but policians, social scientists, financial regulators, bankers and other experts from Europe and the US, in a bid to find out the lessons learnt and the implications for the future of journalism.

Wilfried Rutten, EJC Director said of the conference “The idea was to get everybody in one room, close the door and let them speak as freely as possible”. 

Many questions were raised about the intimate relationship between journalists and the financial sector. What does it mean for the credibility of financial news? What processes influence decisions made in the newsrooms? Should financial journalists work to inform investors? Or should business journalists act as watchdogs to alert readers and viewers to yet another scandal on Wall Street and in the City? 

With transcriptions of all speeches, as well as key discussions, ‘Covering the Crisis’ is a valuable record and perennial reminder of the role and responsibilities of journalists.

The book is published under a Non-Commercial Creative Commons License.
SIgn up to the EJC’s Online Journalism Community in November and December for a chance to win one of 15 copies of the ‘Covering the Crisis’ book. 


  • Keynote: Did the media and the markets let down iceland? / Ásgeir Jónsson 
  • Keynote: EU financial regulation in the wake of the 2008 credit crisis / Poul Nyrup Rasmussen 
  • Plenary: Why did the coal mine ignore the dead canary? / With Mark Gilbert, Daniel Schechter, Dean Starkman, Christopher Hughes and Robert Teitelman 
  • Presentation: Financial crisis and story telling by distributive coalition / Karel Williams and Ewald Engelen 
  • Debate: Who is in charge of the pink pages? / With Hugh Hendry, Tim Johnson, Jason Schenker, Willem Middelkoop, Damian Tambini, Rich Rescigno, Robert McLeod, Melisande Middleton and Mark Fenton O’Creevy 
  • Presentation: Questioning the paradigm of money / Bernard Lietaer, challenged by Jean Pisany-Ferry 
  • Skype interview with Kal Kallagher, editorial cartoonist for the economist. 
  • Presentation: The story not reported Jason Schenker Presentation: Aftershock: how the BBC called the crisis / Steve Schifferes 
  • Presentation: Media and the self-Fulfilling Prophecy / Melisande Middleton 
  • Presentation: EU regulation and the financial crisis / Karel Lannoo 
  • Debate: Financial Journalism 2.0. Can it exist? / With Wolfgang Munchau, Juliane von Reppert–Bismarck, Steve Schifferes, Damian Tambini, Dean Starkman and Daniel Schechter 
Covering the Crisis
This conference aimed to identify the role journalists played in the economic and political constellation that enabled the economic crush of 2008. Bringing together media professionals, financial experts, and politicians, Covering the Crisis also examined the relationship between the press and the financial sector, and suggested a blue print for best practices in the field of financial journalism.