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Arabic translation of the Verification Handbook released

8 December 2014 | PRESS RELEASE


December 8, 2014

On Monday 8 December 2014, the European Journalism Centre released an Arabic translation of its Verification Handbook. The translated version was produced in an effort led by Anas Qtiesh of Meedan, and with support of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism and a coalition of volunteer translators. Following the Portuguese version, this is the second official translation since the release of the Verification Handbook.

The Arabic version is now made available via the following URL:

The European Journalism Centre also received funding from the Open Society Foundation to carry out a verification training in Amman, Jordan where the Arab investigative journalists and trainers received hands-on training by Craig Silverman (editor of the Verification Handbook and, Eliot Higgins (founder of Brown Moses Blog and Bellingcat), and Ed Bice (founder of Checkdesk/Meedan). The training workshops were part of the ARIJ 7th Annual Forum, organised by Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism.

In today’s Arab world, where media has never been so polarised, divided and fuel for national discord and hate speech, social media has become an alternative for news and misinformation. In these trying times, your latest handbook is a must for any professional journalist and media practitioner. It is user-friendly, and has great practical exercises. Your training sessions at the ARIJ conference have been a big hit with over 200 participants asking ARIJ to integrate it in our future trainings. Thanks for providing Arab journalists with amazing tools of the trade.”, states Rana Sabbagh, Executive Director​ of ARIJ.

Other translations will be made available, including Ukrainian and French. For more information, sign up via for updates.

About Meedan
Meedan is a non-profit social technology company which aims to increase cross-language interaction on the web, with particular emphasis on translation and aggregation services in Arabic and English. Through its use of Machine Translation (MT), Machine Augmented Translation (MAT), and distributed human translation, Meedan’s goal is to increase dialogue and exchange between Arabic and English speakers primarily by launching a cross-language forum for conversation and media sharing. The company has contributed to “Case Study 6.1: Tripped Up by Arabic Grammar” of the Verification Handbook, and founded Checkdesk, an open verification tool that supports collaborative UGC verification.

About Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism
Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is the first and only nonprofit organization in the region dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Arab newsrooms, still an alien practice. The Amman-based ARIJ was formed in early 2005 to support independent quality professional journalism, through funding in-depth journalism projects, and offering media coaching. It helps journalists working in print, radio, tv and online media in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen and Tunisia.


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Verification Handbook
The Verification Handbook is a groundbreaking new resource for journalists and aid responders, which provides step-by-step guidelines for using user-generated content (UGC) during emergencies.