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Bolivia: Press Freedom, Journalism Training, and Media Literacy

since 2011


Bolivia is EJC’s second largest target country within the Press Freedom 2.0 portfolio. Our activities there are divided into three separate components.

The first, carried out in partnership with the Asociación de Periodistas de La Paz, focuses on journalists’ rights protection and media ethics. It is implemented through town hall-format activities and initiatives encompassing citizen participation.

The second component of EJC’s work in Bolivia revolves around the Asociación Boliviana de Carreras de Comunicación Social (ABOCCS) - an association of Bolivia’s 14 primary communication schools. The EJC is developing a series of investigative-journalism competitions for faculty students and teachers. Winners receive paid internships at local media outlets.

The third and biggest component of the Bolivian programme is conducted in cooperation with the Fundación para el Periodismo (FPP). Its aim is to increase and strengthen the teaching capacity of the mid-career training centre for journalists, established in 2009. EJC’s main contribution is to provide training to the future instructors of FPP through intensive multi-level courses, topical courses on major issues of Bolivian politics and society, as well as joint development of diploma courses. EJC and FPP work closely with the Clarin San Andres University as a source of expertise on curriculum development, and with the World Association of Newspapers on media literacy initiatives for secondary school students.

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Freedom, Journalism Training, and Media Literacy in Bolivia is part of MFSII-Press Freedom 2.0.

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