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6 January 2013

The 10 Disruptive News Apps Every Editor Should Know

A look at of some of the most innovative and refined mobile apps to come along within the past year, along with a couple of existing apps that went through a "rebirth" with a comprehensive redesign. These 10 apps represent improvements

26 December 2012

How a Romanian Bride Started an Online Forum That Became a Successful Magazine

Seeing a hole in the Romanian-language internet, Luiza Cherpec started a forum for brides-to-be to share information and tips with each other. Just two years after she launched, a major international publisher gave her a call. Now

22 December 2012

Photographer Shoots Under Fire in Gaza

Anne Paq, a French freelance photographer, was in Gaza shooting a documentary and developing work for the photo collective Activestills when Operation Pillar of Defense began. She spoke to the EJC about working inside the walls during


18 December 2012

Does Italy Host the Best Journalism Conferences?

Despite mounting unemployment and a stagnant media market, many Italian journalists consider their country's industry conferences to be a wave of energy and an important resource. Looking back at the success of the 2012 Italian industry

15 November 2012

Publishers, Searching for Profits, Look to Google

The Google tax can be seen as a contrived idea that could only catch on because a majority of the political establishment does not yet understand the economics of the Internet. At the same time, it is way too chummy with publishers and

12 November 2012

Free European Tool Enables Independent Journalists from Yemen to Brazil

A look at the a Czech non-profit that has enabled independent newsroom publishing from Yemen to Brazil. What has kept its content management system relevant over its 13-year life, even with competition from industry giants like


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