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Following the previous conference held in Brussels and as a follow-up to the COP16 summit in Cancún last December, the Climate Action Conference will address a number of climate change and water related issues. The European Journalism Centre, in cooperation with the European Commission will invite sixty professional print, broadcast, and online media agencies from all of the EU27 member states.
The conference will be held from the 23rd to the 24th of March 2011. Issues related to water will be discussed within the context of climate change.

On the first day the journalists will reflect with European officials and regional experts on EU’s roadmap for low carbon economy by 2050 with a strong focus on the regional perspective.
On day two, participants will join the conference entitled, “Futures of European Waters - How Should Policies Adapt?" There, a variety of topics pertaining to water will be discussed by various European and international stakeholders. Expected topics are as follows:

  • The Implementation of the Water Framework Directive
  • The Efficiency of European Water and Resources
  • River Basins
  • Climate Change and International Cooperation
  • The relation of water to food and people

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