The team

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Wilfried Rütten (email)


John van Havere (email)

Chief Financial Officer

Bianca Lemmens (email)

Resource Manager

Project Management

Liliana Bounegru (email)

Data Journalism Program Lead

Lisa Bushart (email)

Project Coordinator

Biba Klomp (email)

Project Manager

Antoine Laurent(email)

Senior Project Manager

Diana Lungu (email)

Project Manager

Malou Oldenhof (email)

Project Coordinator

Elise Rochez (email)

Project Manager

Cristina Romero (email)

Project Manager

Marjan Tillmans (email)

Project Manager

Rina Tsubaki (email)

Project Manager


Arne Grauls (email)

Web Project Manager
Project Manager on Data Journalism

Ivan Picart (email)

Multimedia Manager

Lucas Daniëls (email)

Multimedia Producer

Maya Livio (email)


Business development

Eric Karstens (email)

Business Developer

Josh Laporte (email)

Project Executive