With a uniquely European and international point of view, our integrated strategy addresses present and future challenges facing the field of journalism.


The European Journalism Centre (EJC) works in four key areas that reflect the challenges to journalism and media development today. All of them are closely interconnected:

To do their jobs well, journalists need excellent skills to recognise and develop newsworthy content and themes. Accordingly, the EJC helps reporters at all career stages understand and independently research the European Union in all its facets. Each year, the Centre hosts hundreds of journalists in seminars and study trips, exploring European policies as well as a variety of other topics.

At the same time, the EJC pushes forward the tools and working methods of the journalistic trade, for instance in data journalism, social media activities, investigative journalism courses, or newsroom management seminars. The Centre also partners with leading universities and businesses to develop entirely new IT applications for journalists and the media.

In all this, the EJC caters to European journalists as well as to their peers in emerging and developing countries. Both groups have their own demands and needs:

European reporters acquire in EJC seminars better insights into their beats, learn new techniques, and network with international colleagues as well as with all kinds of officials, experts, and stakeholders.

Journalists in emerging and developing countries often operate under precarious political conditions and do not always have the latest technologies at their disposal. The EJC backs them up – for example by supporting journalists’ associations, by bringing local journalism schools up to speed, and by helping developing countries to get the attention of an international media audience.

With all this comes the capacity to organise activities at European and global level, from workshops for a handful of participants to conferences hosting several hundred guests – complete with creating an exciting agenda, selecting and hiring of speakers, and making all necessary travel and logistical arrangements.

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