Our services

We enable and sustain quality journalism and information as a public service through a variety of activities, both in the non-profit and service sectors.


The European Journalism Centre (EJC) offers services in the following areas:

  • Seminars, workshops, and European as well as world-wide study trips for journalists and other media professionals at all career stages, including students;
  • Thematic seminars, workshops, and study trips on all kinds of European affairs from overarching policies to highly specialised areas;
  • Professional skills training for journalists and other media professionals, ranging from basics to cutting-edge techniques such as storytelling with data, social media and journalism, or transition management in newsrooms;
  • Research, consulting and expertise on matters related to journalism, the media, and the public sphere;
  • Websites and online resources for journalists and media professionals;
  • Collaborative online spaces for news and debate;
  • Editorially managed social media services;
  • Media training for professionals outside of the media industry;
  • Journalism awards and competitions.

In parallel, the EJC works in a range of grant-based activity areas:

  • Media development outside the European Union, namely capacity building projects and infrastructural support for journalism and the media in developing countries around the globe as well as in the emerging democracies of the European Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean;
  • Scientific research and development (R&D) projects under the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research (FP7) and the upcoming Horizon 2020 programme, particularly with regard to innovative tools for journalism and the media;
  • Dissemination of European research activities and results;
  • Coordination and support actions (CSAs) around research and development activities of the European Union and other actors;
  • Not-for-profit websites;
  • Editorially managed social media actions;
  • Journalism awards and competitions.

Last, but not least, the EJC runs and supports projects on its own initiative:

  • Training and resources for emerging journalism beats, such as data driven journalism or Emergency journalism;
  • Online collaborative blogging and journalistic reporting activities to enable direct debate between various stakeholders;
  • Dedicated online communities for journalists;
  • Web-based resources and services for journalists, including Brussels correspondents;
  • Media watchdog and pluralism initiatives.

Please note that the EJC is not a grant-making foundation in and of itself, except under specific projects supported by third-party sponsors or donors.

To inquire about the EJC’s services or to discuss cooperation with the EJC in consortia, please get in touch directly with Mr Eric Karstens, EJC Business Development (karstens@ejc.net).